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• Occasionally this Web site will provide links to other sites not operated by the Virginia's Finest or the Commonwealth of Virginia. Neither the Department nor the Commonwealth is responsible for any material appearing on such Web sites. 

Privacy Statement

• This Web site is informational and educational and will not place a "cookie" on your computer and will not track your movements through the site. If you are making a payment on this site you will be required to provide personal information examples may include: your name, postal address, email address, telephone number, payment information or other information. This information will only be used in the processing of the transaction and will not be sold, rented, or shared with any 3rd parties. 

Protecting Your Personal Information

• Change your password every 90 days.

• Ensure your personal computer is not infected with keylogger, a malicious code that collects your personal information, by maintaining current anti-virus and security patches.

• Be aware that fax and e-mail are not secure ways to send personal information.


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